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@neobrainless as @annette said, the Veo is a combined device however I don’t see why that would swing it for you?

You’re still going to have to have two things connected to you permanently, the only benefit of integration is one box in your pocket rather than two. CGM solutions are all (that I have seen) wireless sensor attached talking to a box.

Back to @tim ‘s trolling, yes it’s completely unfair. However, I suspect all areas of healthcare suffer from it. Look at all the press in the past couple of years about cancer medication. Sorry but if I had to choose between me getting my pump or someone else’s child getting their cancer medication that is proven to give them the greatest chance of living longer, I’d pass :) (Do unto others ….)

I have to hope (for my own sanity’s sake) that someone in the NHS is dolling out the cash evenly and fairly (as such limiting access to pumps / CGM,) else I’d emigrate to the USA and get some decent medical cover.