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Hairy Gnome

As an inexperienced and lowly T2, all I can say @seasiderdave, is not to listen to this bunch of raving masochists! Change your needle for every injection, and your lancet for every test! Don’t risk driving disease into your delicate digits, or barging bacteria into your bared belly; you know it makes sense! I get through a box of needles and a box of lancets each month, though I do double up on the NovoRapid injections by dialling up a second dose without removing the needle from my tortured tum.

Just as an aside @mustard, I’ve found the Accu-Chek FastClix digit dagger to be much more gentle than most, about 75% pain free, much better than the old style one

@annette, don’t mention insulin resistance to me, I’ve just progressed from ox killing dosages of insulin to quantities capable of murdering hippopotamuses (hippopotomi?) or a small to medium elephant. :P