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Well that’s a relief. I didn’t even dare mention injecting through clothes – I thought that might be one bad habit too far!

Katherine, I believe the ‘gun’ is still in a box in a cupboard somewhere at my parents and I’m always tempted when I come across a much younger diabetic to go for it and say “Look at that; you think you’ve got it hard. Pfft”

On a flip side to all of this of course I now appreciate as a father of two small children how incredibly frightening it must have been for my parents to see their little angel (well, in my eyes I was perfect) have to go through so much life-changing change and the po’s and per’s always there to catch them out – and a grandparent suggesting to my mother it was her fault for giving me too much chocolate before I was diagnosed wouldn’t have helped.

Dafne (although I think it the male version should be called Des) does have incredible, almost evangelical, feedback but I’m not sure if the local hospital offer any version of it so for now lines, tests (blood not urine that showed if you were high a couple of hours ago) and counting those carbs seems like a good step in the right direction.

Thanks for all the feedback it is very interesting to hear a non-medical practitioner viewpoint. And yes, I’ve occasionally come across nurses and doctors who have said they are too but still they don’t seem to live in my world of ups and downs.