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And this is where pumps and me sort of don’t quite seem compatible.
At the moment when I need to leave the house quickly I grap my pen and fruit pastilles and get to the car before going back because I put the pen and sweets down before getting the keys and left them on the side. On a good day I also don’t forget the kids. To be ultra prepared I also take my testing kit. That’s it. Am I Bad Diabetic?

Whilst I appreciate you adore your girlie accessories @Tim (;-)) the idea of having to grab so much stuff seems a big problem to me and turns my faulty pancreas from a manageable ‘condition’ to something that must be forefront of everything all the time.

However, maybe that’s why I’m now having to sort everything out just because I haven’t given it the dedication it needs. But, I still believe a highly obsessive MDIer can exist with far less kit than a pumper. So, for now, I’ll stick with my sleek Novopens.