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@annette – I have no idea idea about the effects of the acidity of sweat on the Omnipod adhesive, but it seems like a plausible idea. If true, the difficulty I had in removing the trial pod suggests that my sweat must be verging on alkali!! 😳
I actually wore the trial pod on my arm and because I kept forgetting I was wearing it I did keep knocking it (including a couple of huge collisions with door frames!). These events obviously had no effect on the stickiness though I will have wait until I try a real one to find out what effect they have on the functioning of the pod itself or on the cannula!
You make an interesting point about “one of the supposed benefits of the pump over MDI is being able to do without soem of the junk you have to carry” since if you were to do everything by the book (and we all do, don’t we? Yeah, right! 😳 ) then you would be carrying spare infusion sets, insulin, injection kit in case of occlusions and pump malfunctions, wouldn’t you? Hmm, maybe not.
Nice idea about trying out all the options before making a choice :) .