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Annette A

@nigho – I understand (maybe incorrectly, after all, I’ve never tried one) that the stickiness does depend on the acidity of your sweat. Some people are naturally more acidic (I know I’m one, I ‘eat’ through nickel plating on jewellery like no-one’s business!) and they dont react so well to the stickiness, which therefore isnt.
The Omnipod is, I agree, smaller than my tubed pump. But the bit I stick to my skin is much smaller. And that’s the bit people can see protuding out of my body as a lump (or rather, not see, as it doesn’t, whereas the Omnipod would; rather than seeing my pump as anything other than a phone/pager type gadget in my pocket/on my belt). I do however accept that this is only relevant if, like me, you tend to wear close fitting clothes – men’s shirts would probably hide it quite well, providing they weren’t tight. And I’d be worried about wearing it on my arm if wearing a tshirt as it would be much more likely to be knocked if ‘out in the open’ – which surely would have an effect on the life of the stickiness?

If you lose your Omniremote, I still think youre stuffed – because you cant eat anything unless you have spare insulin and syringes with you in a bag that hasnt been lost/nicked/etc. It is exactly the same as losing your MDi stuff, I agree, but one of the supposed benefits of the pump over MDI is being able to do without soem of the junk you have to carry ie pens/needles/etc. And having on several occasions left the house without pens etc whilst on MDI, and still occasionally leaving the house without my remote, I’d be stuffed with an Omnipod. Its all very well saying that you still have your basal – but that isnt going to help when you’re out for the evening and cant eat/drink anything except lettuce and water!
But like you say, everyone has their own opinion, needs and requirements (but memory transplants dont yet come as standard…). (And I agree regarding the throwaway nature of the omnipod). Wouldnt it be nice if we could all try all the options to see what fits our lifestyles before plumping for one, rather than only having the option of trying one or two?