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@annette – while I admit that my 3 day “test-drive” of the trial pod does not constitute a randomised control trial, but I deliberately got a bit sweaty and had several showers during the period I wore it and it took me a good five minutes and a fair bit of discomfort to remove the pod it was so securely stuck! As for “hiding” it, I wore it for three days, to work, to client meetings and to social events and when I mentioned to people that I was wearing it they all said words to the effect of “Where is it then?”. My wife kept asking “are you still wearing it” and even my daughter didn’t spot it until I told her on day 3.
I find it fascinating that you think the pod is “huge in comparison to the cannula that I have on my skin”; from my point of view, while that is clearly true, it is not a relevant comparison. I consider it to be “tiny in comparison to a tubed pump”, while the new model if/when it gets approved, will be even smaller.
Your comments on the Omnipod remote are worth a thought too. You say “So if you forget your remote/lose it/have it nicked/etc, you’re stuffed” but that is a) not true, since it will continue to deliver the programmed basal dose, and b) no different than an MDI-er forgetting/losing/being robbed of her short acting insulin. Your point about not being able to deliver a dose directly from the pod is valid and appears to be one of the most common wish-list items on various Omnipod forums. But then we come back to the throwaway design and I suspect the cost of adding another complex mechanism to the pod itself would wreck the economics of the product completely.
Anyway, its great to see other views on the world; wouldn’t it be a dull place if we all agreed?! :) At least we have a choice – talking of which I must find out how my funding request is getting on…