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When the doctor said starting on pump therapy could be a whole new phase in my life I didn’t think she was referring to me wearing a bra! (I will keep an open mind but I may try a few of the manufacturers solutions first)

Thanks @Alison & @Annette – You’ve given me a few things to think about, I’ll strike holidays & infusion sets off my list of things I need to panic/worry about. It never occurred to me that you could under-fill the pump in a hot environment, but then I guess the raised BG’s on holiday may not always be baked insulin (but I like my excuses). Ask me in 6 months whether I chose a stereo or electric windows and whether I chose the right one but its good to see that nothing negatives been said about the combo or animas.

@nigho Well I hope you manage to get funding through your hospital for the Omni people at my hospital seem to really like them, I’ve got a trial pod on the way now, its kinda silly but I hadn’t considered asking them for one. I’ve seen two different sized Omnipod units at the hospital so I may have seen a sample of the smaller case, in which case its definitely better but even so it looks like it’d be limited on where it can be easily placed on me. My wifes has the same doubts as me on the omni but is pretty supportive of the pump & tubing but has already got her apologies in advance for leaning on the cannula, catching the pump, strangling me with the tubing during an argument etc,etc.