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Annette A

Having actually got hold of an Omnipod (my DSN had one as they are considering using them instead of the Accuchek Combo if people want it) my first thought was ‘Not a hope’ They are huge in comparison to the cannula that I have on my skin, and I am told that if you sweat a lot, or even a bit, the stikines wers off pretty quickly. There is no way of hiding an Omnipod, whereas I can quite easily hide my cannula/tubing/pump if I want to (npot that I ever want to, its just that I can – but cannot see how that protusion could ever be hidden unless you wanted to spend life under a layer of very baggy clothing – not practical in summer, methinks).
And if you think the Combo pump is a bit old looking, have you checked out the Omnipod’s remote? It’s like stone age in comparison…AND important to remember if you go for an Omnipod – without the remote, it’s useless. So if you forget your remote/lose it/have it nicked/etc, you’re stuffed. Whereas with the Veo, you dont have a remote to lose, and with the animas and combo, if you lose the remote, you can just press the buttons on the pump.