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@furrypaul – as a (lapsed) mechanical engineer, I too despise the throwaway nature of the omnipod; but I despise it less than I despise the need for an external infusion set and the associated “n” metres of tubing.
I am waiting for my local hospital to decide whether they are willing to fund an Omnipod (since they apparently have a deal with Roche!) but, frankly, if they can’t be persuaded, I will be sticking with MDI rather than use anything with a tube and a remote infusion set!
As far as stickiness goes, in my experience of using the trial omnipod (email them and they will send you one) it is the stickiest thing I have ever encountered. My biggest concern with the Omnipod is whether I can stand the pain and discomfort of having to rip the bl**dy thing off every three days! I know everyone is different but your skin would have to be monumentally different to mine for the Omnipod to fail to adhere like a limpet!
I haven’t yet experienced the automated needle insertion but it doesn’t particularly bother me; some people particularly like this aspect of it but I can’t say I’m bothered one way or the other.
One other thing to bear in mind about the Omnipod is that the new version is currently being assessed for its “CE” compliance which is expected to be granted by the end of June. How quickly Insulet/Ypsomed will be able to start to supply the new model remains to be seen, but the 40% smaller volume and lighter weight should make the inbuilt redundancy even easier to cope with; it is still a stupid design, just less stupid (in my humble opinion) than the competition.
I’m glad the wife is OK with it as that was a major consideration in my decision to proceed to pumping. Mine was even more anti-tubing than I was! What is your other half’s view of tubed pump vs Omnipod?
All the best with your deliberations.