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Hi @furrypaul

I’m guessing you’ve already read ShootUp’s overview of the market and have come away none the wiser! My general view is that everything on the market at the moment does the job, like buying a car, its just down to whether electric windows or a fabulous stereo are more important to you. The only pump I’d exclude from that is the Omnipod, which plenty of people love, but I’ve read about too many pod failures and poor service to have confidence in them at the moment.

If you’re not anticipating wanting CGM at any point in the next few years, you have a vast choice.

If you’re particularly sensitive to insulin, you might want to consider something with small increments on the basal rates because it will allow you to fine tune them much more. Equally, if you’re using gallons of the stuff, have a look at what size reservoir the pump has – you don’t want to be having to change it everyday because it won’t hold enough insulin to get you through three days.

Do you need a remote? If you like wearing dresses at the weekend, a remote will be really handy for when you hide your pump in your bra. If that isn’t your chosen hobby, you’ll probably wear your pump on your waist, in which case, I’d question whether you’d really need a remote given the pump itself is so easily accessible.

Infusion sets – most pumps have a variety of infusion set types you can use with them, so I don’t think it’s a particularly important criteria for chosing one over another. They all have enough variety that you should be able to find one that works for you.

Insulin in the sun – I like sailing in sunny climes which means spending a lot of time in the very hot sun and I’ve never had a problem with insulin going off. That said, I don’t sunbathe because my skin fries quicker than my insulin boils so I don’t inflict direct sun on the pump for long periods of time. I know some people who live in hotter climes only half fill their reservoir when it’s really hot and then refill it every day and a half, rather than every 3 days when they change their set. So, that’s a long winded way of saying, I’ve never had a problem with it, some others seem to, but you can get around it by half filling the pump so the insulin is exposed to the heat for less time.

Finally, make an appointment with some of the reps and have a play with each pump to see which you prefer. Also take note of how responsive they are to questions – you need someone who’s going to jump fast if anything goes wrong, customer service is important!