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In terms of spares and that sort of guff; I carry around two black pencil cases – one sits in the bottom of whichever man bag I’m using and currently has in it:

Spare infusion set & reservoir
Spare meter and a few test strips
Spare pump battery
Blue firing-thing for inserting set
Fruit Pastilles
(I’m also going to carry a few hypodermics so I can draw up from my pump reservoir if needed, but I haven’t got round to that yet…)

This means I’ve always got a handy set whenever I need it. I had trouble with a set on the stag night I went to a few week’s ago and so I just changed my set in the pub and all was well.

The second pencil case (if you’re interested) just has my main meter, strips and Fruit Pastilles and is the one that sits by the side of my bed at night, gets shoved into man bag at last minute, etc. etc. etc., and generalyl carried around the place, while the first one sits there unopened for weeks on end.