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Annette A

@bellebe – I also have problems with cannulas not working as well in my thighs – I often find that there end up too close to a vein (thats what my DSN suggested it was) so it doesnt work, and then later on (after changing site) all the insulin/corrections I added to try and make the first site work starts to kick in and I go hypo. So you are not alone!
No meat on my hips, things a bit of a dead loss, not tried my bum yet, that’s one to try when I’m not going out in case they also act like my thighs (likely, I think), couple of areas I could try on my back as long as I’m not wearing a waistband (as that’s where the fat is – not much available!) although I’m wary of that (not sure why though). Arms is one to try also, although I’m not overendowed in the bingo dept either…
So my tummy generally gets the hit. But my DSN didnt seem worried when I mentioned it to her, as long as I rotated the sites around my tummy – I dont have too many lumps, luckily!