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Wow, this thread so interesting.

My arms were just two big lumps really – the skin didn’t look abnormal but I only ever injected my quick insulin in my arms and basal in my thighs. My thighs have always been fine. This after 30 years of diabetes. I have had the pump about 10 years, i have always put it in my thigh, so my arms have had 10 years to recover – and I’d say they’ve recovered about half way – the skin still doesn’t really move naturally over where I did all those injections. I’m not sure they ever will. So I’m very careful to always put the pump in a very different place each time, and on opposite legs each time.

i never thought about how to stop that little bit of insulin leaking out when changing over.

My problem is forgetting to eat after I bolus, or forgetting to bolus before I eat. I think I am brain damaged somewhat after all these years of hypos, my concentration is shot. If I start doing something, I forget what I was doing. There’s probably something in the kitchen and in the lounge right now that i was in the middle of before I came on here…