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Well my USB meter arrived this morning. Brand new meter, which reads WHOLE BLOOD!

It does have drawbacks though. You have to leave it in a new temperature for half an hour before doing a test! So on the way to a hospital appointment for example, I wouldn’t be able to do one in the car. Or after getting in the car having been going round the shops. Or on getting out of the car, walking a little way and thinking, hang on, I feel a bit tired, am I high or low… I wouldn’t be able to test to find out. Major problem this, for me.

I’m getting more and more angry with Accu-chek. I think the plasma reading has contributed to my extra problems with blood sugar control since they changed over. As I read the product insert, I naively assumed (since it said, don’t worry, your machine can read the plasma strips) that it was also converting the reading to one I understood.

If not, why on earth have we not been given a conversion chart automatically?