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To quote ABC News, America, reporting on scientists’ concerns:

“Two years ago, a study known as the JUPITER trial suggested the cholesterol-lowering statin drug might prevent heart-related death in many more people than just those with high cholesterol. Now, however, researchers say that the JUPITER results are flawed — and that they do not support the benefits initially reported. Not only is there no “striking decrease in coronary heart disease complications”, but a new report has also called into question drug companies’ involvement in such trials.”

I lowered my cholesterol by changing to a much lower carbohydrate diet – I wanted to lose weight, but this was the result! I eat meat, chicken, pork, bacon, beef, lamb, cheese, egg… and loads of salad (at least three quarters of my plate) or lots of veg and very, very little carbohydrate. No potato, cake, biscuits, only low GI carbs and not many of them. Wine is allowed! And some fruit. Lots of olives and almonds and monounsaturates, which HELP break down cholesterol. You do not want to stop your body being able to take up cholesterol as your body needs them to work. Your body makes cholesterol but not enough. I also lowered my cholesterol further by using oat milk in my tea instead of cows milk. It lowers cholesterol.

This is my opinion, but I think too much is made of lowering cholesterol levels. Eating a very healthy diet lower in cholesterol (but not devoid of it) and high in monounsaturates and green veg, is i bet the advice we’ll all be getting 10 years from now.