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Hairy Gnome

I wouldn’t say I have a cavalier attitude towards carbohydrates, but there are two fresh cream raspberry and apple turnovers in my fridge, I can hear them from here shouting, “Eat me! Eat me!” Needless to say I will succumb to their blandishments in the end. They’re sitting next to jars of Balti and Rogan Josh sauce that will be combined with prawns and Uncle Ben microwave rice for my dinner tonight and tomorrow (the prawns were on special offer, so I bought two packs). Along with the full fat milk, English butter, and plenty of fruit I eat a fairly balanced diet. :)

It’s not low fat or low carb, and it might shave a year or two off my life, but if I die young I won’t know about it, and at least I’ll die happy! If I have one true regret though it’s smoking. I wish with all my heart I’d never started, and I really, really, wish I could stop. The human mind, and mine in particular, is a very strange thing. (Lights another cigarette.)