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Annette A

Um, no. Type 1.5 is a different condition to types 1 or 2. It is characterised by having antibodies to the beta cells (one particular kind, as opposed to the several found in T1), still producing some insulin, but not having insulin resistance. It has characteristics of both T1 and T2, but is neither. I understand metfomin works (in part) by increasing cell insulin sensitivity, which is not deficient in T1.5 – which perhaps is why you dont notice any difference?
The weight gain thing is totally person specific. I’ve heard of people who lose weight on lantus/levemir/novorapid/humaolg, and who gain weight on lantus/levemir/novorapi/humalog…I found no effects at all from either Novorapid or Lantus (nor any other insulin) – but it’s different for everyone.