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I saw that pop up in my RSS feed, but kinda ignored it, because personally I’m pretty happy with everything (except my sugar control, but that’s MY personal problem!). I don;t feel like I’m being let down by the health service or anything like that.

The only thing I would want to change is to educate people better about the difference between type one and two. Even the type twos I meet at work (the average age is about 55!) don’t seem to realise how big a difference there is between the two types.

@Tim – I think that split you mention is a good thing, in a way. It at least makes it clearer that the two types are different, especially in terms of prevention/treatment. I think, while complete separation is a bit far (one organisation has more power, obviously), maybe clear different departments within could be smart. Maybe I should have added this last bit to the other post?!