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Annette A

Another day, another news(ish) item…
I was listening to Radio 2, Jeremy Vine, and they had their dr on talking about the driving licence etc stuff. She (Dr) had the cheek to say that ‘We are trying to stop people calling themselves diabetics – they aren’t diabetics, they are people with diabetes.’ Sharp text message sent to programme (ignored, obviously, but that was expected.) about our right to call ourselves what we want. And to be honest, the whole section was a bit unhelpful – full of people who didnt know the difference between T1 and T2 (including Jeremy Vine, it appeared, and not that sure about the Dr, who did give a vague attempt but then waved it off as not important). Ddint give any useful information, and was more concerned about people who were drivers for a living than the actual unfairness of it all. (Obviously its a problem for them. But there are more diabetics who dont drive for a living than who do.)