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Yes, funnily enough I noticed in the instructions I was reading this morning that they were saying make sure you put the sensor 3 inches or whatever away from infusion sites OR injection sites. It hadn’t struck me before that you could wear one without a pump.

I disagree, depending on why you need a pump. with me it is the tiny doses I need, and also the variation in basal I need. I spent most of my life with terrible hypos, unable to eat enough at certain times of day to prevent them happening every day at the same time. nothing helped. I now know this was because in the early afternoon i need hardly any basal. On long acting insulin you cannot replicate this. And at night, I need NO insulin for 4 hours. That too is impossible to replicate without a pump.

Now I just have to mourn my Cosmo as it will have to be a Minimed. The main thing I’m going to be missing is the site change reminder – I have just managed to leave it in for 6 days!