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Hi @Marijin I’m not aware of any national funding criteria for CGM, so there are no pre-requisites it’s very much a case by case approach.

I agree that CGM can be of benefit on MDI – especially for looking at overnight BGs, and even for things like monitoring the impact of certain foods/exercise.

But my experience with MDI was no amount of changing of basal insulin type/volume/timing could give me the flexibility that the pump does – I can have my basal set to a different rate every 30mins, so I can adjust it to meet my varying basal needs – low in the middle of the night, rising in the morning, higher around lunchtime, lower mid afternoon, higher in the evening. And because I’m using short acting insulin any changes I make take effect within a couple of hours. It used to take a few days for any change I made to my Lantus dose to truly take effect.