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Isn’t using a pump a prerequisite for getting funding for an CGMS?

Being one who is on MDI, and more interestedly looking at the progressions in the CGMS world than the world of pumps, i would like (well…) to argue that more people will benefit from CGMS over pumps, as pump can be seen as an alternative to MDI, there is really no comparable alternative to CGMS.
Variations in basal insulin needs can also be filled in MDI by using another type of long lasting insulin or at different time(s) during the day. While pump boluses or shots of (ultrafast acting) insulin by injections are much alike.
While with a large number of daily injections (say 6-8, a couple more than most people tend to use) one would be able to adjust to most insulin needs, to be able to get the same amount of information about BG levels as a CGMS seems to provide, one might need at least 12-18 BG measurements, including several during every day’s night.