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Sounds like you’re having fun Dave. I couldn’t stop looking at my graphs for days after I got it, it is amazing to be able to see what’s going on for a change. I found the overnight stuff most helpful at first, it gave me such an insight into what was going on.

You can make it last longer than 6 days you know, you can restart the sensor at the end of day 6 (just go to “link to new sensor” and it will ask to be calibrated within a few minutes). That’ll take you to 7 days. If you want to extend again you’ll need to remove the transmitter and recharge it so you’ll only be able to do that if the hospital have given you the charger.

Your wife just needs to get into Star Trek. I think the transmitter looks like the implant thing 7 of 9 wears on her temple in Star Trek Voyager and I don’t think many people would turn her down!