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Annette A

@lizz – you’re on a mac? Numbers is the mac default spreadsheet programme – I guess then you dont have the Office suite (microsoft) on your computer. OpenOffice does work on a mac, so might be worth going to the site @teloz says to get it. And yes, it works fine on OpenOffice (I just tried it out on a Linux version and it works the same as on my Windows version, so I’d guess it also works on macs.)
On the first sheet of the workbook (fixed inputs), there is a set of my basal rates, which you can replace with your own numbers (I dont know if Numbers uses worksheets, so this may only apply if you get Open Office).
How it helps is that you fill in your results under the sheet ‘Results’ and it produces a pictorial view (through automatically produced graphs) of where you are going high/low – on an average (sheet ‘Averages’) or on a day to day basis (on the ‘Results’ sheet) – so if you find it easier to see patterns on graphs rather than raw numbers (as I do), it gives an overview that way rather than having to pick out patterns in numbers.