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My advice would be what ever you do DON’T go with the one Diabetes UK use – ‘All Clear’. What a nightmare!!

I took cover with them and had to make a claim – nothing to do with my diabetes.
My mother-in-law was rushed to hospital with pneumonia 3 days before we were due to go on holiday. She fell into a coma and was given only a 30% chance – it was awful and we decided, understandably, that jetting off to go snowboarding was not an option so we cancelled.

I phoned the claim line before cancelling and asked if I’d be covered – they said that although they couldn’t give a 100% answer until the claim had been submitted and assessed, that the situation was ‘the kind of thing that would be covered’.
Thankfully my mother-in-law made a full recovery and is now absolutely fine. But when we submitted the claim ‘All Clear’ refused to pay a penny. Why? Well, my mother in law is Type 2 diabetic, because of this they wanted access to her medical history. Understandably her GP said that as the diabetes was not the subject of the claim and due to patient confidentiality he couldn’t discuss her diabetes with them. The consultant who treated her completed the claim form and stated on it that in his option the pneumonia was not related to her diabetes.
The claim was by me for my holiday so we really didn’t understand why her medical history was being investigated anyway.

They refused to pay out saying her diabetes would make her at more risk so without the access to her medical records they could not pursue the claim any further.

….my gran had heart disease, so my mum is therefore at risk of it too. So does that mean their holiday insurance won’t cover me if she had a heart attack and I had to cancel my holiday? …..
My husband cycles to work, so he’s at risk of getting hit by a bus, will their insurance not cover me if I cancel my holiday if, heaven forbid, this were to ever happen then!
*blood boils over!*
I shudder to think what ridiculous excuse they’d come up with for not paying out if a claim ever had to be made for something relating to me or my diabetes.

Have since used as I found them to offer a good level of cover at a reasonable price…. Just find it really annoying that you only ever get to find out how good an insurance company are when you have to make a claim.