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Hairy Gnome

@fiona – Hi, first, commiserations on joining the ranks of the pancreatically challenged, but if you wanted to find out the truth about your new life partner this is the best place to be!

As I’m only the token insulin dependant T2 on here, I can only help you up to a point, though I’m fairly certain that most of the questions you ask are answered somewhere on this blog, the definitive answer will have to come from our Dear Leaders, Tim or Alison. The urge to cry will disappear, you’ll soon get so used to living with diabetes on a daily basis that you will only occasionally rail against the injustice of it all. I don’t know about the blurred vision, that was something I never suffered, but I’m sure someone will help. As a T2, I don’t count carbs, I just shoot up gallons of Lantus and Novo-Rapid, as a T1 though your diabetes is much more sensitive and balance is everything. There are spreadsheets to help you count carbs here and usually your meter manufacturer will provide software, so there’s lots of help around. Just keep dropping in here to cheer yourself up. :)