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Hi Fiona,

I’m a 15 year veteran (diagnosed age 11) and you’ll get the hang of it… eventually. It’s a pain in the arse at times, but like the others I don’t feel like it has stopped me from doing anything (although sometimes you might have to plan more than you’re used to…)

2 tips: smallish make-up bags are good for carting stuff around (I tend to just shove everything in a pocket in my handbag to be honest though- 2 insulin pens, a small meter in its own case and a handful of needles will usually see you right!)

My favourite carb counting time saver is using Salter nutri-weigh kitchen scales (you can see them on amazon here: you stick your food on, type in the name and it works out the amount of carbs for you. And then you get used to estimating and barely use them!

And always lick the finger!