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Hi Fiona

It truely isn’t as bad as the doctors make out just be sensible (most of the time) enjoy your life and see it as a something that will actually benefit your health. All those lovely low GI foods, mountains of fruit and veg we all need and no sweets. (Except when hypo) You will be fitter than all your friends and you will find pretty quickly that injecting comes second nature well it has to really!

Like Annette I’ve been p challenged since I was 9. I’ve been to Uni; abroad on holiday (although Alison can give you more help and tips there) I’ve got married and have three healthy children (two are twins). Life carries on occasionally I rant about how unfair diabetes is WHY ME ! but this is all normal. Just ask plenty of questions. Good luck.

Yes I agree you have to blood suck. I’ve lost enough over the years.