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PC and OCD-tastic then. Think getting vexed as filled out the first page of my log book messily and thinking how I will be judged about my messy entries and incoherent notes going a smidge too far even for me… so I’ll take the good advice from here (and Frankie for those few old enough to know and care)… Relax! (and eat a jellybaby)

Off to read a textbook (whilst nibbling said jellybaby) just purchased from Amazon on the medical management of type 1 diabetes – read read read. [Quite good so far if you like that kind of thing?!!] I will find out (much) later as promised by many of you what generalised rot it probably is so far as my specifics are concerned!
Best advice from medical professional so far- on treadmill start off trying @1 jellybaby per km.
That is why I am reading textbooks.