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Hello again, thanks to everyone for all the encouraging posts…. well except for the Twilight (saga but also could be zone) vampire blood sucking stuff which has now convinced me that you are all completely bonkers. Which is, of course, perfectly fine given that my mental stability and sense of humour have been suspect for years.
It has been a totally surreal fortnight. My first hospital admission since birth, type 1 diagnosis…and this my first foray into blogging and making internet friends.
I so now wish I had done medicine instead of law … so my dad was right all those years ago. Damn. I am now, as recommended, slurping up all the info I can ( see it doesn’t always have to be about blood) and trying to figure out my own insulin:food patterns.
And I’ve bought the nutri-scales. :-) And a Desang bag which appeals greatly to my sad obsession to have everything organised. Even bought some nice little tins in Habitat which take a good amount of jelly babies in the handbag and look nice. The styling of the kit bags needs some serious attention tho- defintely a gap in the market for some funky cool but practical kit bags for the stylish pc. ( Saw the shameless plug for your wife’s (rather gorgeous I have to say) bags Tim….but no diabetic kit bag with lovely pen holders and pockets with poppers??)
Determined to avoid a repeat of the hypo in Waitrose on a busy Friday … but top marks to them for niceness and great jellybaby dispensing as my hands went all weird and I had to sit down on the floor as the world just spun. I’ve had a few hypos so far so trying to figure out any patterns… which on paper shouldnt be happenning but the simplistic rules clearly ignore so many ;