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@fiona: As far (or near) as eyes go, I became myopic shortly after diagnosis – everything at the further end of rooms/open spaces went blurry…though some people become long-sighted and can’t see close-up things clearly (what are you?); anyhow, both the far&near dimness are transient (because of swollen lenses that eventually flatten out again)- mine lasted little more than 2 months. (But because I spent more than 11/2 year walking about with BGs of more than 20 prior to diagnosis, I ended up with binocular cataracts a year later – after removal & replacement of both lenses, things have cleared up nicely)

Here’s some more home-grown tips for starters – I’ll only add that there’s also Calorie King if you’re really keen on counting carbs.

And keep on Kleenexing: tissues are great for mopping up both tears and blood (though @alison might try to convince you to lick clean your fingertips, shameless vampire that she is :D)