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I agree with @Tim entirely there – being super organised helps SO much! I have my on and off days with organisational skills – my control is noticeably better when I’ve had a few days where everything has gone well. Give me a day or two of getting up late or just not being totally with it and I’ve soon forgotten my pen and/or snacks for work, and am all over the place…

Oddly also with the doctor factor, admittedly Uni had required me to sign up with a local GP when I moved into halls, but I hadn’t been to see a doctor for about 5 years previously (not counting a hospital visit or two for bike related accidents :P )

I’m sure there’s been at least one other person saying they are generally otherwise healthy on here, maybe that’s the problem?! Our immune systems are just too damn good! ;)

Oh, and @Fiona – You’re already better kitted out than me, so that’s probably a good sign! :)