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Hi everyone, I’m new to T1 diabetes (4 weeks) and this site has been a joy to behold. Real life experiences of dealing with this disease, rather than the non diabetic, diabetic nurse’s opinion. Getting to grips with injecting (4 times daily – Novorapid & Insulatard). Still on the doses recommended by the DSN, I’m not brave enough to play around with them yet, try to regulate highs and lows with walking and jelly beans respectively. I’ve yet to see a dietician, will be interesting to see if I get any carb counting education…
Fiona: My eyesight returned to normal after 3 weeks on Insulin, I went long sighted, so couldn’t read anything closer than 1 foot. At this stage my BG wasn’t even that good, averaged about 8 for the week prior to my sight returning. As others have posted here, getting into a routine and planning are the keys. I’m still trying to get used to it all, but I don’t see why my life can’t be nearly normal once I’ve mastered the carb / insulin stuff.