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Welcome John, it’s good to have you here.

The Veo is CGM capable but doens’t come with working CGM unless you specifically request (and pay for/get the PCT to agree to pay for) the transmitter and sensors required. From memory I think the transmitter is a couple of hundred pounds and lasts about 18 months, the sensors are around £30 each and last about a week. Most clinics have a transmitter and sensors nowadays so you could try asking them if they’ll lend you it for a week so you can try it out.

I won’t go on too much about my CGM because I’ve raved about it so many times in posts but to answer your questions briefly:

I love it, have had it for 4 years and would fight to the death to keep it.
It isn’t particularly difficult to use, but takes some getting used to. You might find these posts useful:

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