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Dear Alison, Stephen, Tim and Liz,
Thank you for answers about CGM. The summary seems to be it’s pretty good but not perfect: or, to put it in other ways – good if NHS pays
– step on theway to closed loop, but what we really need is the automated pump ( for which it looks as if nobody will live long enough )
– worth trying to get a loan of one.

Seems to me the best bit might be to know which way BG is going and how fast.

Again, thanks to you all. Next report will be afer sounding out the hospital people in a couple of days.
The worst you will be told is no and you won’t be told anything if you don’t ask. Also, the squeaky wheel gets the oil and happy is he who expects nothing because he will never be disappointed.
etc etc
I put a couple of lines in this box the other day to say a quick thankyou, and I don’t know where they are now so perhaps i did it wrong – as a New Boy who doesn’t know how to work it yet. If I can’t find this bit later in the week, and there are no responses, I shall have to make a meeping noise and ask for help.
Meantime, thanks again.