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Oddly enough I recently changed insulins(!) in order to get a pen that records doses ( so I’d say the demand is certainly there and dose recording is MASSIVELY useful for good MDI control.

I share others’ concerns over the remote data transmission/storage issues, and would much prefer local upload/download to my PC and/or the meter to operate pretty much independently.

I’ve looked into bg monitoring apps for iPod/iPhone recently too and there are only a handful, none of which look worth trying but some sort of fast/easy data entry on the meter/pda thing might reduce the need for wireless connection between pen and meter (though that would be really cool). I am currently writing down bgs / doses / carbs / units / activity / comments in a paper record – so if recording this data electronically was as quick that would be no problem. As others have said a pump style bolus-wizard would be very useful.

Some more observations…

A way to flag-up priming doses (air shots) as opposed to actual s/c injections would be very useful

Tiny point, but the animation seems to show ‘mg’ for insulin dose. I’d need it to be insulin units (100u/ml)

Bg readings in the UK are expressed in mmol/l (mg/dl in the US) – I’m sure you know this already!

A really smart move would be to make the pen compatible with a ;