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@chickalin – looks great. Though I would agree with @annette‘s concerns about storing the data remotely, if this were the only option. While being able to log in and look at your data from anywhere is a great thing, you would also need to access it directly if a) you didn’t have an available data connection; b) you didn’t want to share your data.

I would very uncomfortable with having my data held exclusively remotely – would access to it be charged? If free to begin with, might it be charged for in the future? Not having direct access to my own data would be a complete killer in my view.

In more practical terms, I think that having wireless access would dramatically increase the unit cost of the device. Something that would almost certainly put off the NHS providing them, when there are zillions of cheap meters out there.

Aaaanyway, the other things that spring out are:

* That the device could store lots of data about doses and carb input would be great. But if anything is manually inputted, like carb data, it has to be very quick to use. The OneTouch UltraSmart meter allows you record all sorts of data but it’s a bit of pain to enter it fives times a day, so you don’t bother.
* Additional features like the bolus wizard you see on pumps would be easy to provide and brilliant. There is nothing like that for MDI users.
* Reporting – there’s more to reporting than just showing graphs of results. A killer device would actually do something with your data – analysing it to show you where you’re most frequently going wrong, etc. I think that some of the maths and analysis that looks at share prices could be applied to blood glucose. Speak to an actuarial mathematician!

Looking at the package itself, some minor points:

* Is there a finger pricker (is that the thing in the top right corner?)
* Is there storage for finger pricker lancets? We’re supposed to change them each time we test (we don’t though).
* Do you have to lever the meter out or can it be used in situ?