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Hi guys..
When I got my pump just before Christmas I went from late 11/12 to 7.7 by late January! – Great start to the new year, the pump seems to suit me too (luckily!) I hadn’t heard anything about eye damage, but had my screening a few weeks ago, so I guess they’ll let me know if there’s anything to worry about (on his initial look, the chap said it all seemed ok)
Due to always yo-yoing before with high and too low blood sugars, I’ve never lost my recognition of hypos, but the level did change from 6ish to now about 3, so I have to be carefull..
I’ve never been told about dangers from dropping too fast, but surely the overall long-term effects have to be a bonus to having lower bs levels, so reducing any later complications?
Well done Simon and Caroline – aren’t we a clever lot – gold stars all round! – keep up the good work. ;-)