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i’m surprised no-one has mentioned “Too High” by Stevie Wonder or “Cold Sweat” by James Brown.

For a jazzier take on blood glucose, how about Wayne Shorter’s “It’s a long way down”, Eric Dolphy’s “Out to lunch” or Jan Akkerman’s “You can’t keep a bad man up”, or anything by Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Regarding the amount of clutter to which our lives are subject, two tracks from the Miles Davis album “Miles in the Sky” seem appropriate; “Stuff” and “Paraphernalia”.

And just as a warning to the non-pancreatically challenged, an old jazz standard, written by Johnny Burke and Jimmy van Heusen and featured on dozens of jazz albums, how about “It could happen to you” (try the version on the “Dial ‘S’ for Sonny” by Sonny Clark).