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Well I think maybe a little more focus on where we SHOULD be, rather than these extremes of highs and lows…:

The Inbetween is the Everything – Grand Island

Seems to fit the bill?

And on the hyper side again, apologies for the foreign language, but the title is pretty good, I think?

Toxic Blod – Kaizer’s Orchestra

Yes, Blod means blood… I was tempted by ‘Medicine and psychiatry’ by them, but I’m not sure I want to start associating diabetaids with mental health issues too! Fliprons ‘The Man Who Was Eaten by a Pie’ has a certain, erm, metaphorical(?!) appropriateness… (As in: If we eat too much pie, it will, literally, eat away at us!)

I may return with more at some point, any excuse to raid the CD rack!