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@furrypaul – I think your experience is not wildly different from mine! I found the button-pushing element and living with the pump dead easy; but – by heck – it’s difficult getting all the settings right. It took me about 3 months to get it all tickity-boo.

There’s just so many variables to get right – have you gone high because your bolus calculations are out or is it because your basal levels are wrong? Who knows?!

For the first wee while I purposely kept my BG high and fiddled about with all the different settings in turn – morning basal, evening basal, night basal and so on and so on; waiting three days before changing the next thing. Eventually I got it right most of the time but it’s still not perfect – I don’t think it ever can be.

Anyway, do keep us updated – it’s really interesting to share experiences of starting pumping. And don’t forget while only a few people will comment a zillion lurkers will be reading and possibly getting something from you experience. That’s the plan anyway! :-D