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My latest fun experience has been flying with a pump.

The journey out was ok, although the poor bloke who had to prod, poke, metal detect, stare at, fondle & swab everything was very flustered.

I got the feeling it was his first week as he went “blimey, this is a bit intrusive & OTT”, he repeatedly apologized & asked if I wanted to go “somewhere more private”… I just told him not to worry, I like it when other people watch!

The way back was more interesting … The pump & meter aren’t supposed to be x-rayed & stupidly I hadn’t bothered to revise my medical phrases.

The pump was fine, but the meter/remote was problematic with me completely forgetting my language skills as I panicked “Nein, nein, bitte wirklich nein, bitte, lederhosen I mean ihre medezin”

After several confused looks, one of the security staff realised & seemed vaguely amused by my mad broken German panic & asked me some sensible questions in English before explaining to her colleagues why I was flustered.

.. next time I think I may just attach the pump to the meter for the security check, but all in all it went relatively smoothly.