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It’s been a while & I have my first proper consultant meeting tomorrow.

It’s fair to say that my control under the pump is pretty terrible at the moment… But mostly its things which I can see how to change & hopefully from tomorrow things will get better.

In general I’ve found changing canulas easy, refilling the reservoir easy….

Things I’ve found difficult … Getting control, the 3rd day on a canula (damn its getting sore & why aren’t my blood sugars going down).

For those who worry, I’ve found I forget that I’m wearing the pump, my reactions ate now a lot better for when I drop the dang thing, sleeping with it isn’t the biggy I thought it’d be & errrmm… It’s fine for other non-nocturnal bedroom activities.

Some of my symptoms have changed, I’d say they’re possibly closer to what they were before I was diabetic (although its hard to remember that far back!)

Things I’ve learnt… The pumps not a quick fix, I new that but its worth pointing out again! Things are getting worse before they’re getting better & things you thought you knew … You don’t! ….. It’s very different getting control on a pump!

Specific to my pump/meter combo. Settings are everything, my meters bolus advisor gets to comatise me everyday because my basal settings aren’t right… Don’t blindly follow advise! The meter is annoyingly less reliable in accepting strips & accepting blood than the smaller older version I had… Annoying!

I still havent found any iv prep wipes whilst I’ve not had any dodgy sites my ocd would be happier with a nice sterile site.

If people don’t get too bored I will try to keep updating this, my intentions not to put anyone off but just to document the work needed to get control & the advantages & disadvantages that come with it.

I notice @tim made a post (somewhere) that everythings going well for him but its taken him a year if hard work & adjustments.