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So when its behaving itself its great, when my blood sugar soars rapidly for reasons neither me nor the pump can work out its less brilliant.

We’d gone out for sushi & my blood remained stable at 5.7 all day (thank you extended bolus!) I then raised to 18 in the wee hours of the morning & had to fight to get it back down.

I think the pump is teaching me not to be too smug! I’m also finding that it seems to nag me like my mum …

“are you sure you want to bolus for 15g of carbs without checking your glucose again”
… But I only did it 10 mins ago …
“Really? You really want to bolus without checking”
… It’s been 10 mins, if I knew then I was gonna snack I would’ve told you ….
“Really, no blood test”
… Yes god damn it! Bolus me …
“Fine , I will, but you go to your room with your head low from the shame”
… Gulp …

On a more serious note, is there anywhere I can easily get iv prep from until I get to see my gp?