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@neobrainless – I mean waking up. I’m not suggesting @andyg doesn’t have DP, but if you’re getting erratic or strange behaviour in the morning then testing in the middle of the night (aim for the middle of going to sleep and waking up,) can at least give you a pointer as to what’s happening in the wee small hours.

When I have to do it I set an alarm, put all the kit on the nightstand and can almost do it without opening my eyes now. It’s rough I know, but any information is good information!

I’ve been through these symptoms in the last month, and in my case it turned out I was having big hypos in the night and not waking up (which is scary as they started happening for no reason!) Reducing my evening lantus from 18 to 12 sorted it out. (I do 2x lantus a day as one dose wasn’t balancing right.)

Again, I couldn’t of made that distinction without testing :)

I’m hoping to move to a pump soon, but it isn’t a solution to DP or any erratic night time behaviour (though it surely can help.) More night bloods are probably going to be required to get the basal dose right.

Just my 2p, as @hils said … I am not a doctor!