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@ Tim – happy to volunteer to join the research group into the effects of beer and curry on diabetics. I’m on MDI, though so will you let me in? Horror of horrors, I gave up alcohol completely exactly a month ago today after a session with my brother-in-law involving a whole bottle of rum, several bottles of lager and several hours of Colin McRae Rally on the PS2. It wasn’t a pretty sight and Lara retreated to her art room muttering darkly about ‘boys’ . . . thankfully me and my marriage survived the experience.

Since then I’ve noticed that without the booze at all, I’m struggling to keep the BG down. No night-time drop-off whatsoever and I’m experimenting with increased basal insulin but keeping in the back of my mind the numerous night-time hypos I used to have . . . hoping that once Christmas Day arrives and I’m back on the sauce things will stabilise :)