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Well, I’m still here so I must have managed something right :)

Set up a temp basal of 125%. I was tempted to go higher but as I’m still in my first month of pumping I was playing it very safe. Also bolused for 10g of carbs with every drink where I remembered – got about half of them I think.
Food was bolused as normal. Middle of the evening test came in at 12.4 and I finished the day (3am) at 14.3, a quick correction of 2 units and I was asleep..
Overnight I’d already pre-set to lower the basal to 80% but like Paul I’m not convinced I have the drop but was playing it safe.

Morning (7.30!! – had to be up for my train home) woke to a 13.8 so corrected whilst eating my pasty from Greggs. By 10am I was down to 7.6 and the rest of the day seemed to level out.

Although obviously higher than I would have like all evening it proved more successful than previous occasions which normally involved a few 20s and random boluses.

So points learnt:
Drinking and diabetes needs much more research to find my ideal TBRs and curry ratios.
A slightly higher daytime TBR and no change to the sleeping basal might work better – again more practice needed.
Pre-setting the TBRs avoids the alcohol induced confusion and I can have confidence my actions aren’t being too drink affected.
After all these years, pumping is chuffin’ fantastic for handling the not-normal stuff.

All of this is what I learnt but everyone’s diabetes is different so please don’t take my alcohol led research as gospel – do your own research. Now!!!