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What a great thread Dave. I will watch with interest.

I’ve only had one proper night out (at a gig) since being plugged into Artoo and it went OK as far as I can tell (well I didn’t end up naked surrounded by paramedics at any rate).

The evening started and ended with a briskish walk into town (15 mins each way?) and I ate decent slow release meal before I went. Tested when I got into the venue and was 8.something. Then allowed a couple of 0.5u boluses to patch over the beer carbs during the night. Was 7.3 when I got in just past midnight and set a TBR for a few hours. Woke up a little under at 3.6.

I know for sure it would have gone horribly wrong if any kind of buffet had been involved. Will be interested to see how the ‘pros’ do it.