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@reman says:
Hi Hilary

To help answer some of your questions;
– what infusion sets does it take/how do you insert them? The Insulin Cartridge houses the ADR (Advanced Diabetes Research) Infusion set which will be available in both teflon and steel. Each cannula has a self inserter device incorporated.
– what do you do on a plane? Does it have a flight mode like a phone? There is a flight safe mode function on the Handset allowing you to travel and switch off the website communication while still allowing you to control your Pump.
– is the touchscreen on the handset reliable? The touchscreen has been tested thoroughly and is guaranteed for the warranty of the System.
– is the rechargeable battery in the pump bit likely to lose capacity with time like other electronic devices? The rechargeable battery has also been tested and is guaranteed for the warranty period. You have 2 Pumps in each Cellnovo System.

Hope they help to answer some of your questions.